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About Raincycle, how it works


Rainwater is collected via the roof, gutters and down pipes, through a ground level 'easy to clean' filter bag and into an in ground concrete or above ground plastic rainwater tank.

During periods of excessive rain the overflow is designed to draw water from the base of the tank, thus creating a self cleaning function whilst discharging oversupply into the stormwater system or via an on site detention facility. Noting that in some instances this rainwater harvesting system may be used for on site detention.

When installed this rainwater supply can be connected to one or more outside taps, one or more toilets and if connected to the cold on the washing machine and/or the hot water service, we suggest that additional filters be used to remove fine sediment and discolouration.

A slimline wall mounted control panel controls flow and continuity of water supply during extended dry periods by either:


  1. Automatically switching between rainwater and mains water supply.
  2. Automatically topping up tank from 10% to 20% from mains
    water supply.

Noting that the top up rate is restricted to comply with Sydney Water guidelines and if supplied via a visible air gap, may eliminate the need for further backflow prevention devices.

There is no noise and each system functions automatically.

(Please consult your local water authority as to which system is acceptable in your area.)