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Silverdale, NSW 2752
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Advantages of Raincycle


The system offered utilizes a below ground rainwater tank, a high pressure submersible pump (no noise) a childproof ground level inspection lid, customised 'Easy to Clean' filter bag and a slimline wall mounted control panel.

We have opted for a below ground system for the following reasons:

  • There is no unsightly tank or above ground first flush device
  • Being below ground it does not take up valuable yard space
  • Being below ground it is also unobtrusive and can therefore be placed in the front yard, backyard, under the driveway or even under the garage slab without detracting from the aesthetics of the building
  • This flexibility of placement also allows the tank to be gravity-fed
  • Being ground level the filter bag can be cleaned easily without the need for a ladder or similar. Very important for the elderly or disabled

Having decided to use a below ground rainwater tank it was imperative we address the following:

  • As motor vehicles may drive over the tank structural strength needed to be considered.
  • Our concrete tanks are manufactured to AS/NZS 1546.1 and will successfully accept the following loadings:
  • Reinforced concrete tank lid - 2 tonne
  • Reinforced concrete tank itself - 2 tonne
  • Polyethylene inspection lid - Light Traffic
  • Having a ground level inspection lid it was also imperative that it be childproof. The lid is therefore anchored with metal thread bolts, which can only be removed with a spanner.