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What is Raincycle?

An Economical and efficient water system, recycling all your rainwater that is captured off your homes roof for clean, clear water.

Rain Cycle tanks can make an important contribution towards reducing the demand for mains water. The Rain Cycle systems are an efficient and economical way to meet the new requirements set down by governing bodies. However certain requirements are necessary to maintain your Rain Cycle and protect reticulated potable water supply.

Rain Cycle in line with NSW Health and local Councils recommendations does not recommend the use of rainwater tanks for drinking purposes where a reticulated drinking water supply is available.

The system offered utilizes a below ground rainwater tank, a high pressure submersible pump (no noise) a childproof ground level inspection lid and a slimline wall mounted control panel. Rainwater can provide an alternate source for the following:

  • Toilet flushing
  • Residential garden irrigation
  • Washing cars
  • Filling ornamental ponds
  • Washing machine (with suitable filter)
  • Topping up swimming pools